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Olympus PEN E-PL2 is the result of changes and improvements based on the very successful E-PL1 Compact System Camera (CSC). It is one of the new style of digital cameras bridging the gap between the point and shoot compact and the Digital SLR preferred by professionals.

The reduction in size, hence ?compact?, is as a result of removing the reflex mirror mechanism, meaning it is far more portable than a digital SLR. Weight is also reduced, the Olympus PEN E-PL2 weighs only 11.2 ounces.

This makes these types of camera much more convenient to carry, taking them to situations where a larger camera is a nuisance. Already Compact System Cameras have made their mark and are proving popular with professional too, making very good back up cameras.

Seeing them for the first time they look unbalanced. However once in the hand it is surprisingly stable and comfortable to hold, not as you would imagine.

The Olympus PEN E-PL2 compact system camera for example has built on the success of its predecessor the PEN E-PL1. It comes with a new improved lens system that is smoother and quieter in operation.

The “System” part of this camera range is from the fact that lenses are interchangeable. Thus you are not limited, as with compact Camera, to the one lens provided when you buy it. This gives you much greater flexibility for taking a range and quality of photographs that would not otherwise be possible.

Interchangeable lenses, ranging from ultra-wide-angle to telephoto lenses allow for greater creativity. Plus there are even compatible 3D lenses available for some compact system cameras that would allow you to enjoy viewing 3D images on a 3D television, great for bringing life to those holiday shots.

Another feature of the digital compact system camera and where it scores over compact cameras is in the size of its image sensor; usually compact cameras only have a small image sensor. It’s able to use a larger image sensor that you would normally only expect to see in a DSLR camera. Not just a little bit bigger, but a factor of 12x bigger.

The much bigger image sensor in the Compact System Camera means that the image quality will remain high with low noise levels in all but the dimmest lighting conditions, way after the image quality in Compact Cameras would have been compromised.

As you would perhaps expect, these versatile digital cameras in the CSC range are capable of taking video too, in some cases full 1080i high definition.

Whether you are a newcomer to photography, or just to take good quality photos with little fuss, a Compact System Camera such as the PEN-EPL2 could be for you. They have easy to use controls and automatic intelligent features that will do most of the work for you. The Olympus PEN E-PL2 has reverted from the all button control design of the E-PL1, back to a more conventional button and dial controls.

However, if as your confidence or ability grows, these cameras will allow you to take increasing control over your photography for even greater creativity. Not forgetting the ability to use different lenses, which can be bought as required. But for many people buying one of the camera and lens packages available will meet their needs for along time to come…

The results from these smaller cameras is surprising, made easier to take by auto intelligent features. The PEN E-PL2 has a high quality 3? screen having twice the resolution of the PEN E-PL1, this makes framing and viewing your images easier.

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