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All seven of Samsung’s new blu-ray players for 2011 come equipped with many ‘Smart’ blu-ray features providing quick and simple access to Web content and services. This is accomplished through the Smart Hub, AllShare (streaming videos from other devices) and Samsung’s One Foot Connection feature. Of course Samsung’s players are packed full of other great features such as 3D capability which can be found on most of its players. Giving you an immersive 3D experience right in your own living room. Another highlight of the new line-up is the world’s slimmest player, the BD-D7500, which is only an unbelievable 0.9 inches in height. But the “Smart’ Blu-ray features should be the focal point for most consumers who are thinking about purchasing one of these players. So what exactly is a ‘Smart’ player?

?Samsung?s commitment to innovation and design is evident, we want more people to enjoy the richest, most immersive entertainment experience that is possible with today?s technology. These Smart Blu-ray players give consumers a way to easily upgrade their existing TVs to access Samsung Smart TVTM services.? states John Revie, a senior vice president of Home Entertainment for Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

By developing on lasts years successful Samsung apps feature, Samsung created a new application interface which provides users with quick and easy access to web content and services. Through the Smart Hub you will have access to such key features as Search All, Your Video and of course Samsung apps. Samsung apps is the world’ first HDTV-based apps store with more than 200 apps to choose from in the U.S. These apps consist of paid and free apps in a wide variety of fields like sports, movies, TV, games, information and social networking. Consumers should be able to find almost type of content, and the Search All feature will allow them to find the content quickly and easily. Even if the content you are looking for is on a connected device like your PC – via AllShare DLNA Technology. Another feature that should be convenient and used often is the Your Video. This actually recommends movies you may enjoy based totally on your own viewing experience from on demand services.

DLNA technology is becoming more and more relevant the Home Entertainment experience. Responding to the demand of having multiple devices that are connected and interacting with each other, Samsung has not only put its AllShare feature into all of its Smart players, but has gone one step further. It created a new patented One Connection feature. You simply put the player within one foot of a Samsung wireless router. It will automatically configure the devices to connect to each other. Eliminating all the hassle that can arise from the setup process. There is not need for passwords or router names. Once connected you can take your player and place it anywhere and the connection will remain.

All of Samsung’s new Blu-ray Players for 2011 (BD-D5700, BD-D6500, BD-D6700, BD-D7000 and BD-D7500) will have built-in Wi-Fi to easily connect to the internet and your Home Network. The exceptions are the BD-D5300 and BD-D5500, they will only be Wi-Fi ‘Ready’. A wireless USB LAN adapter will be required and has to be purchased separately.

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